Gastro Business Concept by MR. WAFFEL

Mr. Waffel offers a ready-to-operate gastronomic

Concept for Restaurants or Businesses

on the Balearic Islands.


The main idea is the fast and uncomplicated

Production of freshly baked Waffle-Bites with
different Fruit Sauces & Toppings.

Mr. Waffel provides all basic Ingredients,

the necessary Equipment, and extensive Marketing

Material and Know-How.

This Gastro Business Concept offers innovative and profitable Perspectives, with a Product that Everybody Loves!

Without big investments the Waffle-Bites can be sold from

the first day, and money earned immediately!

The Benefits:

  • No qualified Personell required

  • The Identity of your Restaurant remains

  • Your Business becomes more Profitable

  • You can eat waffles EVERY DAY!

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