Become a Mr. Waffel


Mr. Waffel offers a complete Gastro Business Concept

that allows the quick and easy Production

of freshly baked Waffle-Bites with various
Fruit Sauces & Toppings.

The Advantage of a Partnership with Mr. Waffel is, above all,

that money can be earned from the first day

without much additional investment.

We will show you how this works and calculate

your options based on sound sample calculations.


Mr. Waffel offers innovative and lucrative Perspectives!

Requirements for a Partnership:

  • You've got an existing Café / Restaurant / Business
    on the Balearic Islands or plan to open one.

  • You are interested in a collaborative and
    market-oriented Cooperation.

  • Your Customers like to eat a Feel-Good-Dessert
    that looks great and tastes delicious!

  • You LOVE Waffles!

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